Jose Garcia Dies in Hit-and-Run Accident

[Moreno Valley, CA] – Jose Garcia Dies in Hit-and-Run Accident on Fir Avenue 

Jose Garcia Killed in Tragic Fir Avenue Hit-and-Run Crash 

Thursday, February 18, 2021 – Jose Garcia, age 37, was killed on Saturday morning at midnight. Moreover, the man from Moreno Valley passed away after a fatal hit-and-run accident that happened on Fir Avenue. 
Also, the deadly crash happened near the intersection with Perris Boulevard. 
Reportedly, responding officials stated that an older white two-door Pontiac Grand Am was traveling northbound. Furthermore, it struck Mr. Garcia while he was crossing Perris Boulevard. 
Then, the Pontiac as well as a purple Scion XB slowed down and pulled to the side of the road. However, neither car stayed behind to help, and drove off in an eastbound direction on Fir Avenue. 
While they do not have much to go on, the authorities are continuing to investigate the terrible accident. 

Some More info on Hit-and-Runs 

 A hit-and-run car accident can be life changing for various reasons. Car accidents of any kind can lead to serious injuries, and sometimes even death.  

Furthermore, hit-and-run accidents can have even more complicated consequences. Also, it is no secret that there are harsh penalties for people who leave the scene of an accident. 

Unfortunately, this does not stop people from doing just that.  

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 11% of all car accidents that have been reported include a hit-and-run type situation. Also, about 20% of all hit-and-runs have to do with pedestrians. 

This information shows how seriously deadly a hit-and-run accident can be. Moreover, this strongly applies to drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike. 

As previously stated, people do not even try to hide the fact that they leave the scene for a plethora of reasons. Some of these reasons are drugs, alcohol, or even plain guilt. 

Those with a previous history also run the risk of getting into further trouble with the law. 

In the end, it does not matter what the reason is. If you leave the scene after you hit someone with your vehicle, you are in the wrong. Eventually, you will end up paying the price. 

Leaving the scene of a serious accident could cost the life of the person who was hit. The chances of someone who is succumbing to their injuries could mean death if nobody is around. 

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