Christian Tyler-Miskofski Killed In Accident

man dies in crosswalk

[Victorville, CA] – Christian Tyler-Miskofski Dies in Pedestrian Accident on Seventh Street 

Christian Tyler-Miskofski  Killed in Victorville Pedestrian Accident 

October 26, 2020 – Christian Tyler-Miskofskiage 20, lost his life on Sunday. Furthermore, this was due to a pedestrian accident on Seventh Street. 
The victim was struck and killed by a vehicle. Subsequently, this was while crossing the street at around 9:51 P.M. 
Moreover, rescue officials pronounced him dead at the scene. Also, reports said the car that hit him remained at the scene. 
The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Major Accident Investigation Team will investigate the incident. 

Lately, people everywhere have taken to heading outdoors. Furthermore, this is an easy and healthy way to get out of the house. Also, this means that there are more pedestrians out there.  

Subsequently, at some point in the day everyone is a pedestrian. 

This month, NHTSA is launching the first National Pedestrian Safety Month. Moreover, the goal is to increase awareness about pedestrian safety. Also, it is to remind drivers and pedestrians that staying safe is a shared responsibility. 

Unfortunately, as the end of Daylight-Saving Time approaches the nights get longer. As a result, the risks for pedestrians increase. Statistically, from September to February, over 30% of pedestrian fatalities occur between 6 p.m. and 8:59 p.m. 

Remember, that things like drugs and alcohol, or distraction not only affect a person’s ability to drive. Similarly, they affect a person’s ability to walk safely.  

Here are some other tips for drivers and pedestrians: 

5 Walking Safety Tips 

  1. Stay on sidewalks whenever they are available. If there is not one available, then walk facing traffic. Moreover, make sure you are as far from traffic as possible. 
  1. Always stay alert; do not be distracted by phones or texting that take your eye off the road. 
  1. Importantly, cross streets at crosswalks or intersections. Additionally, drivers expect pedestrians to look for cars in all directions. Jaywalking is illegal in some areas, and you could be fined. 
  1. Wear bright clothing during the day. Also, wear reflective clothing or materials at night. Furthermore, never assume a driver sees you. If possible, make eye contact with drivers as they approach. As a result, this will ensure that you are seen. 
  1. Pay attention for cars entering or exiting driveways. Moreover, look for vehicles backing up in parking lots as well. 

5 Driving Safety Tips 

  1. Watch out for pedestrians everywhere. Additionally, make sure you always do this. Use extra caution when driving in hard-to-see conditions. Subsequently, this includes nighttime or harsh weather. 
  1. Always, slow down and be ready to stop when turning or entering a crosswalk. Furthermore, never pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk. As, there may be people crossing that you cannot see. 
  1. Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Also, stop well back from the crosswalk to give other vehicles an opportunity. As a result, they will be able to see and stop for the crossing pedestrians. 
  1. Obey posted speed limits. Especially, around people on the street. Follow slower speed limits in school zones and in areas where children are present. 
  1. Be extra cautious when backing up. Often, pedestrians can move into your path when you least expect it. 

This October, and throughout the year, let’s all work together to help keep everyone safe on the roads. 

To the family and friends of Christian Tyler-Miskofski, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

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