Charles Hatherhill Jr. Injured In Pedestrian Accident

Charles Hatherhill Jr. Injured In Pedestrian Accident

[Eureka, CA] Charles Hatherhill Jr Injured in Pedestrian Accident on Highway 101

Contracted Worker Injured in Pedestrian Vs. Vehicle Crash on the US-101

Eureka, CA (October 09, 2020) – On Wednesday, Charles Hatherill, Jr., age 46, of Eureka, was struck by a vehicle. Furthermore, the accident happened on Highway 101.

Later, the CHP identified Charles Hatherhill Jr. as a contracted worker with Caltrans. Additionally, he was working on the number 2 lane of Highway 101, near Eureka.

Not only that, authorities said that the incident happened at around 5:40 A.M. Usually, this is when the number 2 road is closed due to construction work.

Concurrently, Paul Giacomini, age-65 of Fortuna, was driving a 2001 Dodge pickup. He was going south on the number 1 lane.

As a result, the Dodge passed by several trucks parked on the number 2 lane. At the same time, Charles Hatherhill was walking between these trucks. Unfortunately, he unknowingly crossed the path of the pickup.

Sadly, the vehicle hit the pedestrian. As a result, Charles Hatherhill Jr. fell, despite the driver’s effort to slow down.

Afterward, Charles Hatherhill Jr. went to St. Joseph Hospital. Later, reports say the pedestrian was complaining of minor pains.

Fortunately, the driver of the vehicle did not sustain any injuries.

Finally, the CHP Humboldt Area office is still investigating the probable cause of the accident.

If you, or anyone you know who has additional information, please contact their Humboldt Office at 707-822-5981 or send an email to

We are sending our best wishes to Charles Hatherhill Jr., and we are hoping for a very speedy recovery

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