Tim Miller Killed In Fatal Scooter Crash

[Oildale, CA] –Tim MillerDies in ScooterAccident on Roberts Lane

Tim Miller Killed In Scooter Crash on Tuesday Night

October 15, 2020 – Tim Miller, age 63, was killed. Furthermore, this was linked with the scooter accident that happened on Roberts Lane Tuesday evening.

California Highway Patrol first responders released a report. What is more, the report said that a scooter was traveling in the bike lane on Roberts Lane. Also, this was near the Central avenue crossroad.

Then, the victim suddenly merged into the street. As a result, he was put in the path of a Honda.

Unavoidably, the Honda’s male driver struck into the back of the victims’ scooter.

Mr. Miller was rushed to the hospital by paramedics. Unfortunately, he passed away from his extensive injuries.

In the meantime, the male Honda driver did not have any injuries. However, he remained at the scene where Mr. Miller was struck.

Authorities do not believe that drugs and alcohol played a role in the crash.

Are Scooters Safe?

There are many options for two-wheel transportation vehicles. Usually, people chose the motorcycle for their daily commutes.

However, some people want something a little smaller.  For them, a scooter might be a better option.

Consequently, it raises the question: Are scooters safe? In addition to that, are they safer than motorcycles?

What is the Difference Between Scooters and Motorcycles?

Scooters, and motorcycles have many similarities. Things like, two-wheels, motorized, and easy to sit on.

Here are a few defining qualities of a scooter:

  • A scooter, sometimes called a “motor scooter” has a step-through frame. Also, there is usually an area to rest the rider’s feet.  Notably, all motorcycles must be mounted.
  • Scooters have small engines. Additionally, the variation in range starts at 50cc and can increase in size up to 850cc which is the maximum. Moreover, there is not an upper limit incorporated into the definition of a scooter, but only a minimum.
  • Furthermore, there are other subtle differences between motorcycles and scooters. For example, scooters have smaller wheels, storage space. Also, the transmission that is used is different from a motorcycle. Scooters also enjoy a traditional front bodywork that motorcycles do not have.

Are Scooters Safer Than Motorcycles?

It may seem that a scooter is safer than a motorcycle for several reasons. First, they are small, lightweight, and use a smaller engine.

Also, they do not go as fast as a motorcycle.  However, scooters have proven to be just as dangerous as riding motorcycles.  This is because, they are both two-wheeled vehicles that can ride thru heavy traffic.

Fortunately, scooters cannot go as fast as a motorcycle. However, that does not make them any less dangerous. Speed is not the main factor for scooter accidents.

Studies have shown that the most “speeding-related” fatalities happened on roads where the speed limit was 35 mph.

 Subsequently, this is where scooters can ride, instead of motorcycles that can go faster that 55 mph on interstates.

There are some states where a license is not required to operate a scooter / moped.  However, anything with a larger engine of 50cc does in fact require a motorcycle license.

As a result, many scooter riders may not have any experience on two wheels. Furthermore, they do not have any reason to take a course to learn how to ride.

The same weather conditions apply to both scooters, and motorcycles alike. Also, both scooters, and motorcycles travers thru the same traffic, on the same roads, with the same pot holes.

It is safe to conclude that, scooters are indeed, just as dangerous as motorcycles.

Here Are A Few Scooter Safety Tips

Everyone wants to stay safe while riding. However, there are always going to be risks involved while riding on a scooter or a motorcycle.  Here are a few tips to stay safe while riding on your scooter:

  • Always Ride Defensively – Plan for safety. Scooters are smaller in size and have a limited visibility. Also, be prepared to make quick course changes. Often, cars can turn in front of you. As a result, they can miss you in their blind spot while changing lanes. Remember, you are your own best defense against other drivers.
  • Remember to Wear A Helmet – As an adult, this one should be second nature.  Wearing a helmet has been proven to save lives time and again.  Also, it is the most important piece of safety gear that you can own.
  • Do Everything to be Visible – Chose bright colored clothing. Doing so can help to make you to stand out on a road full of other vehicles.  Also, retro-reflective clothing can help you to stay safe at night. The brighter the better.  If they can see you, they can avoid you.
  • Stay Within the Limits of Your Scooter’s Abilities – Scooter operators should stick to only city streets. Also, they should avoid roads where the speed limit exceeds 45mph. Furthermore, interstate and highway travel should be reserved for vehicles with larger engine capabilities. Stay safe while riding!
  • Treat Your Scooter Like a Motorcycle – It does not matter if your scooter can reach high speeds. Apply the same safety to riding a scooter that you would when riding a motorcycle.

To the family and friends of Tim Miller, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you.

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