Quintin Lilienthal And Daniel Lilienthal Killed In Motorcycle Crash

brothers die in motorcycle accident

[Tustin, CA] – Quintin Lilienthal and Daniel Lilienthal Killed in Motorcycle Crash on Jamboree Road

Quintin Lilienthal and Daniel Lilienthal Die After Lethal Motorcycle Accident on Sunday

October 11, 2020 –Quintin Lilienthal, age 33, and Daniel Lilienthal, age 29, died in a motorcycle crash. Also, several social media posts have made it clear that the two men were brothers.

Furthermore, Tustin Police Lt. Stephanie Nichols responded to the accident scene on Jamboree Road at around 3:13 AM.

She said, “the two victims were traveling northbound on Jamboree Road. Then, they lost control north of Barranca Parkway.”

The two bikers died in coinciding crashes. However, the remains of motorcycle crashes were identified by the Orange County coroner’s office.

Police have not found any evidence of alcohol or drugs. However, the accident is still being investigated. No other vehicles were involved.

Since the accident, a fundraiser for the family of the brothers raised over $16,000 since Tuesday afternoon. Now, the family will be able to cover any hospital and funeral costs.

“To say they will be missed is an understatement. There aren’t many people that come into our lives who are authentic and genuinely care about those around them,” the campaign organizers wrote on their web-based fundraiser. They went on to add “We were all fortunate enough to have two have such people in our lives. Words cannot express the sadness we feel so I can only imagine what Mr. and Mrs. Lilienthal are feeling right now.”

Helmets are important when riding a motorcycle.  They decrease the odds of dying in an accident.  Unfortunately, this was not the case here.

What Are Some Reasons to Wear a Helmet

There are people who think that wearing a helmet is “nerdy” or “uncomfortable”.  However, if you want to protect your head caused by injuries due to falling, then wearing a motorcycle helmet is essential.

  • Protect your brain – Head injuries are one of the main causes of death. Traumatic brain injuries can happen when motorcyclists do not wear a helmet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that motorcycles made up 14% of all traffic deaths in 2017 alone.
  • They can improve your ability to see – Whether it is raining or snowing, a motorcycle helmet can help improve your ability to see other vehicles on the road. Not to mention, potential hazards.  Also, a tinted visor helps keep the sun out of your eyes.
  • Follow the law – Not all states have the same laws regarding motorcycle helmets. For example, in Arizona, you must wear a helmet if you are 17 or younger. However, in a state like Alabama, all riders are required to wear one. It is best to know in advance, so look at your local laws regarding motorcycle helmets.
  • Set good examples for children – If you are a parent, your child’s safety should always come first. By setting rules in place early on, it could possibly save their lives later.
  • Keeps your head insulated – If you have ridden your motorcycle in the rain, then you know it can be very irritating without a helmet. It is important that you are dry and comfortable when operating a motorbike.
  • Avoid large medical bills – The risk of having a huge medical bill is extremely high if you were not wearing a helmet during an accident. Not only the initial medical bills, but long-term bills can affect you later on if you suffered a long term injury.
  • They are stylish – Helmets come in all shapes and sizes.  Do not be afraid to “let your freak flag fly” when it comes to riding. Be proud of who you are and show it off with the right helmet!
  • You have less of a chance to be found “Partially at fault” in an insurance claim – Commonly, cars are found to be at fault in an accident.  If you are not wearing a helmet, then the driver of the car can pass partial responsibility on you. As a result, they do not have to pay as much. It is easy to stop this before it happens. Simply, by wearing a helmet.

To the family and friends of Quintin and Daniel Lilienthal, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you.

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