Maryanne Whipple And Anthony Hopper Killed In Crash

couple die in car crash

[Covelo, CA] – Maryanne Whipple and Anthony Hopper Killed in Vehicle Crash on Howard Road 

 Vehicle Crash in Covelo Killed Maryanne Whipple and Anthony Hopper


October 30, 2020 – On Sunday, Maryanne Whipple, age 43, and Anthony Hopper, age 37, both died in a vehicle crash. Moreover, the accident was on Howard Road. 
According to the California Highway Patrol, The fatal incident took place at about 11:45 p.m. Additionally, Whipple was said to be driving a 2017 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. Also, this was north of Highway 162, driving at a high speed. 
Then, for unknown reasons, the pickup truck drove off the east edge of Howard Road. As a result, it drove through a wooden fence and struck a tree. 
Rescue workers pronounced both Whipple and Hopper, who was in the front seat, dead on arrival. 
Unfortunately, there was a woman in the rear seat who sustained major injuries. However, rescuers were able to fly her to Enloe Medical Center in Chico, Ca. 
Subsequently, the CHP did not release the injured woman’s identity. In addition, authorities are investigating whether the driver was impaired at the time of the crash. 

What is the Best Way to Avoid a Car Accident? 

Avoiding Accidents with Other Vehicles : 

Mostly, we think of driving as so common that we do not realize the inherent risks behind the wheel. However, when you are not traveling at interstate speeds, responding to, and stopping in case of a road hazard can happen in a matter of moments. 

All drivers end up facing split-second decisions to respond to potential hazards. Furthermore, to avoid a car crash, what should you do: brake or swerve? 

It is not always easy to figure out in the moment what actions to take. Specifically, if there’s not enough time for you to react. 

Here I will consider two types of car accident scenarios you are likely to encounter while avoiding a reckless driver and avoiding debris. 

Imagine you are driving down a quaint little country road. Also, there is almost no traffic coming at you. Then, suddenly a car pulls out in front of you from a driveway. 

What is your next move: brake or swerve? 

When You Swerve to Avoid an Accident :

First, your instincts kick in and your first thought may be to swerve to the right and sway off the road. It may seem that normally this would be a practical choice.  

Logically, it would protect you and your passenger from a collision. However, in this scenario, you misjudge the distance. As a result, you swerve off the road directly into a telephone pole instead. 

The name for this type of accident is called a “no-contact” accident. Also, the driver who caused you to crash is called a “phantom driver.”  

Since the other vehicle driver did not directly hit you, it is much harder to prove who is at fault. 

Usually, your insurance company will treat a “no-contact” accident as if the “phantom driver” had no insurance. Notably, because deciphering the other party’s fault is much more difficult. 

Subsequently, you will have to pay through your own policy underinsured / uninsured coverage. 

When You Brake to Avoid an Accident 

Pretend that you brake instead of swerve. However, you do not do it soon enough. 

As a result, you suffer a rear-end accident. Also, these can occur when you do not have enough room to stop. 

Let us say that you are the one who rear-end another car. Then, you are always at fault.  

It is extremely challenging to prove that the other driver was more at fault than you. Luckily, the same goes if somebody rear-ends you.  

In this synopsis, the driver who pulled out was more at fault. However, you would need a witness to help support your claim. 

To the family and friends of Maryanne Whipple and Anthony Hopper, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

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