Kevin Farris Passes Away After Vehicle Accident

man killed after crashing into big rig

[Lancaster, CA] – Kevin Farris Killed in Rear-End Crash on 14 Freeway 

Kevin Farris Dies, Mitchell Hernandez Involved in Big Rig Crash 

November 25, 2020 – Kevin Farris, age 26, was killed on Monday evening around 9:20 P.M. Moreover, the man from Coachella was involved in a rear-end crash on the 14 Freeway. 
Officer D. Jackson of the California Highway Patrol said Farris was driving a 2008 Infiniti. Then for unknown reasons, his car crashed into the rear of a 2020 Freightliner that was hauling a flatbed trailer. 
As a result, rescue workers transported Mr. Farris to a nearby hospital, where he died shortly afterward. 
Furthermore, the driver of the big rig, identified as Mitchell Hernandez, was not injured from the crash. 
Also, investigators do not believe that alcohol and/or drugs were a factor in this incident. 
Likewise, if you or someone you know have any further information regarding this incident, then please call Officer D. Jackson. He can be reached at the CHP Antelope Valley Area office, at 661-948-8541. 

Stay Alert When Driving on the Road 

It can be daunting to drive at high speeds along packed interstate highways. Additionally, here are a few safety tips to help prevent car accidents when driving on crowded roads. 

The most important thing to remember is to buckle up. Furthermore, using a seat belt while operating a vehicle should be obvious.  

Still, recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that about 10% of drivers still do not wear seat belts.  

Inevitably, seat belts save lives. Do not forget to wear a seat belt every time a vehicle is in motion. 

Another thing to remember, using a cellphone while driving is extremely dangerous and should be avoided if possible. Also, blue tooth hands free devices work well too.  

According to the NHTSA, when a driver takes his or her eyes off the road for just five seconds at 55 miles per hour, it is the equivalent of driving the length of a football filed with closed eyes. 

Never text while driving. 

It is never a particularly clever idea to tailgate and you should always maintain a safe follow distance.  

What is more, if one driver is tailgating and the car in front suddenly brakes, there will not be enough room for the trailing vehicle to stop. This will cause a crash.  

Rule of thumb is to stay at least three seconds of distance between vehicles, especially on the interstate. 

Nowadays, drivers are faced with a plethora of distractions. Additionally, easy to surf radio stations, or you could lose focus while talking on the phone as well.  

Safety should always come first on congested highways and interstates. Unfortunately, there will always be thoughtless drivers.  

5 Safeguards for Interstate Driving 

·      Concentrate: Highway traffic can be unforeseen and will change without notice. There are many traffic rules to follow. Also, things to watch for are things like speed limit reductions, accidents, brake lights, alert signage, narrowing lanes, semi-trucks and changing traffic patterns. 

·      Do not Be Drunk, Distracted, or Drowsy: Nearly 80 percent of crashes and 65 percent of near crashes in California involve some form of distraction. Subsequently, texting or phone use could be considered a distraction. We cannot say this enough. Put your phone up and evade other distractions while driving. If you feel tired, pull over and rest. Finally, never drink and drive. 

·      Make Sure to Follow the Posted Speed Limits: Driving aggressively, and speeding are major causes of interstate accidents. Furthermore, follow the posted speed limits and merge as soon as safely possible. This will allow for a smooth flow of traffic. 

·      Look Behind You: Collisions from behind are the most common type of interstate accidents related to bottleneck traffic. Use your mirrors to keep a good defensive space on all sides of your vehicles. Also, it is being a responsible driver when you maintain a safe following distance. 

·      Watch for Road Construction: Pay attention to road construction reports before you leave to see if there are any Interstate issues. Additionally, pay closer attention if you absolutely need to travel through road work areas. Follow directions, and slow down for road workers for yours and their safety. 

5 Truck Driver Safety Tips  

1. Wear your seatbelt  

There are many “truck driver safety tips” and “good practices.” Yet, this single tip may be the most important of them all.  

The use of seat belts is required by the law. Not only that, they are the easiest way to prevent injuries too.  

Recent studies show that 15% of truck drivers do not wear their seat belts.  

Wearing a seat belt could save your life in the event of an accident.  

2. Do NOT text and drive  

Cell phones should never be used by drivers. For example, 48 states have passed laws to make texting while driving illegal.  

Through the years, between 2012 – 2018, over 23,000 people (about the seating capacity of Madison Square Garden) have died in crashes because they were distracted by their cell phone.  

Truck drivers should always keep their eyes on the road. Doing so, saves lives.  

3. Use Turn Signals, and Avoid Switching Lanes  

The use of turn signals will let other drivers know your intentions on the road. It is important to remember, that an 18-wheeler can take up a lot of space on a highway.  

And, giving plenty of notice will help to keep you and other drivers safe.  

Likewise, truck drivers should maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and try to stick to one lane. As, other drivers might weave in and out of lanes.  

Furthermore, driving defensively will help keep your rig out of the junk yard.  

4. Follow the Speed Limit  

Driving a big truck is quite different from driving a regular sized vehicle: they do not corner or handle well at all.  

Approach the highway from ramps with caution. Not, like they are your personal racetrack. Also, speed limits that are posted on ramps are for cars, not oversized trucks.  

Slow and steady wins the race. Indeed, take your time and make sure to stay upright. Further, do not rush, even if you feel like you are holding up traffic!  

Having a trailer tip over or getting into an accident because you could not slowdown in time can be completely avoidable. Especially, if you are driving cautiously.  

5. Be Well Rested  

A tired driver is a dangerous driver. However, it can be avoided if you plan and get plenty of sleep before a long drive.  

If you feel your eyelids getting heavy while you are driving, then pull over into a well-lit area and get some rest.  

There is never a good excuse to keep driving if you are ready to fall asleep behind the wheel.  

The symptoms of drowsiness make you less able to pay attention to the road. Moreover, they affect your ability to make good decisions and react quickly.  

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 72,000 accidents in the year 2013 are linked to driving while sleepy. 

To the family and friends of Kevin Farris, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

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