Juan Tovar Killed in Accident

man dies in pedestrian accident

[Huntington Beach, CA] – Juan Tovar Passes Away in Pedestrian Accident on Pacific Coast Highway 

Juan Martinez Tovar Struck and Dies in Pedestrian Accident in Huntington Beach  

November 13, 2020 – Juan Tovar, age 79, passed away on Wednesday morning around 5:10 A.M.  

Moreover, the man from Santa Ana was struck and killed by a vehicle that was traveling on Pacific Coast Highway near Brookhurst Street. 
Later, emergency workers arrived. Unfortunately, they pronounced Mr. Tovar dead on arrival. 
The 59-year-old Newport Beach man who struck Tovar with his car stayed behind at the scene. Likewise, he cooperated with the investigation. 
Furthermore, the police department’s Accident Investigation Team will continue to investigate the Huntington Beach accident. 
Please call investigator D. Demetre at 714-536-5670 if you have further information about this accident. 

Here are some other tips for drivers and pedestrians: 

5 Walking Safety Tips  

  1. Stay on sidewalks whenever they are available. If there is not one available, then walk facing traffic. Moreover, make sure you are as far from traffic as possible.  
  1. Always stay alert; do not be distracted by phones or texting that take your eye off the road.  
  1. Importantly, cross streets at crosswalks or intersections. Additionally, drivers expect pedestrians to look for cars in all directions. Jaywalking is illegal in some areas, and you could be fined.  
  1. Wear bright clothing during the day. Also, wear reflective clothing or materials at night. Furthermore, never assume a driver sees you. If possible, make eye contact with drivers as they approach. As a result, this will ensure that you are seen.  
  1. Pay attention for cars entering or exiting driveways. Moreover, look for vehicles backing up in parking lots as well. 

When you are a driver, there are things that you can do to help avoid a pedestrian accident.  

Here Are 5 Things for Drivers to Keep in Mind:    

1. Drive Slower in Pedestrian Areas    

Driving slower when you see pedestrians can give you extra time to react. Often, pedestrians can be unpredictable.  

It is important to remember that even a fraction of a second can make a dramatic difference when it comes to preventing a pedestrian accident.  

Taking it slow gives you extra time to spot and respond to pedestrians.  

2. Patience Is a Virtue    

Some senior citizens may need just a little extra time to cross the street.  

What is more, they also may have difficulty seeing you.  

Additionally, a person who is blind may also require a little extra time and care.   

If you drive an electric car or hybrid, it might be hard for a blind person to hear your vehicle.  

Therefore, leaving a little extra distance and time can be beneficial to those who have unusual circumstances to stay safer on the roads.  

3. Eye Contact is Important    

Pedestrians would like you to have seen them before they start crossing the street.  

Subsequently, looking to make eye contact with pedestrians could be a way to help everyone communicate with each other about who is going where on the roads.  

Eye contact can help you all have clear hopes and avoid confusion that can lead to tragedy.  

4. Pay Attention to School Bus Rules and School Crossing Signs    

There are certain rules for drivers who are driving near school buses or in school zones.  

Furthermore, children do not always think to look both ways before entering a busy street.  

When a school guard gives you a command, make sure you follow it.  

Similarly, school buses can be difficult to see around, and you should never take the chance to ignore a school bus stop sign.  

5. Do not Make Assumptions    

If the vehicle before you stop suddenly, it can be tempting to try and quickly drive around them.  

That is a mistake because there could be a pedestrian in front of the first car.   

You should leave enough distance to be able to stop when the car in front of you stops.  

Trying to dart around traffic can lead to disaster.  

To the family and friends of Juan Martinez Tovar, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

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