Joshua Scearce Dies in Car Crash

man dies in rear end accident

[Fullerton, CA] – Joshua Scearce Dies in Vehicle Accident on Harbor Boulevard  

 Joshua Scearce Killed in Fullerton Truck Accident 

November 18, 2020  Joshua Scearce, age 31, passed away on Sunday at about 2:45 A.M.  Moreover, the man from La Habra died in a vehicle crash on Harbor Boulevard and Lambert Road. 
Sources say that a white Toyota 4-Runner was stopped at a red light. Also, it was stopped in a northbound lane of Harbor Boulevard.  

Then, a black Toyota Tacoma pickup truck that was speeding, did not see the stopped vehicle. As a result, the stopped SUV was rear-ended. 
Sadly, responding emergency workers pronounced the SUV driver Mr. Scearce, dead on arrival. 
In the meantime, the driver of the 4-Runner suffered only minor injuries and stayed at the scene to cooperate with authorities and their investigation. 
Furthermore, authorities are not considering alcohol or drugs to be a factor in the crash. However, they do believe speed was the main contributing factor. 
Additionally, authorities did not release the deceased’s name until Monday. 
Police are continuing to investigate the accident. So, if you have any more information about the incident, please contact Fullerton police Investigator C. Keen at 714-738-6812, or Click HERE to go directly to their website. 

What are Some of The Dangers of Speeding?  

Indeed, speeding does not only mean driving faster than the posted speed limit, but it also includes driving too fast on poor road conditions. 

Without a doubt, speeding is illegal. There is no way around it. Furthermore, if you speed, you just might get caught by the local police and receive a speeding ticket. 

Speeding tickets can cost hundreds of dollars, not to mention missed work and traffic court. Also, your auto insurance costs could increase. 

Another danger of speeding is the environmental element. It is dangerous to speed on wet roads. Plus, speed limits may be set to reduce the environmental impact of another road traffic as well. 

As said by the Ford Motor Company, “Driving a vehicle at 65 mph consumes about 15% more fuel than driving the same vehicle at 55 mph. More fuel consumed means more CO2 released into the atmosphere.” 

The biggest risk of speeding is that you can lose your life. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, “In 2008 there were 37,261 speed-related traffic fatalities in the U.S.”  

Low-speed limits are specifically placed in different areas for a reason. Moreover, there are low-speed limits specifically placed in different areas due to hazards of speed for the surrounding communities. 

It does not matter who you are, the speed limit applies to everyone regardless of the capabilities of the car or the experience of the driver. 

Furthermore, paying attention to the speed limit will increase a driver’s ability to take and adjust to curves or objects in the roadway. Also, it considerably extends the distance necessary to stop a vehicle.  

So, as you can see… there are many different reasons to take the pedal off the metal and slow down! 

Here are 5 Reasons Why Speeding Is a BAD IDEA! 

1.  Ordinarily, the average time it takes most drivers to react to a risky situation on the road is 1.5 seconds.  A driver who is tired, distracted, or has been using drugs or alcohol might take as long as 3 or more seconds to react. 

2. Drivers are twice as likely to kill a pedestrian on impact if they are traveling at 30 mph, then if they are traveling at 25 mph. 

3.  Speeding can escalate your risk of los­ing vehicle control. Moreover, at higher speeds, motor vehicles become more dif­ficult to maneuver. 

4.  There is a direct connection between how fast you are going and the severity of a crash. The faster that you are going, the greater amount of force must be absorbed by the impact in a crash. 

5.  In urban areas, going faster than the speed limit by as little as 3 mph doubles the likelihood of an injury crash. Furthermore, each additional increase in speed by 3 mph further increases the risk. 

To the family and friends of Joshua Scearce, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

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