Franklin Forch Jr. Killed in Pedestrian Accident

Franklin Forch Jr. Killed in Pedestrian Accident

[Ridgecrest, CA] – Franklin Forch Jr Killed in Pedestrian Accident on West Bowman Road 

Franklin Forch Jr. Dies After Ridgecrest Accident on West Bowman Road 

January 18, 2021 – Franklin Forch Jr., age 38, was killed on Monday morning at around 6:00 A.M.  

Moreover, he died in a deadly pedestrian accident that occurred in the 300-block area of West Bowman Road. 

Although life-saving measures were taken by EMS, Mr. Forch was pronounced dead at the scene. 
There is no immediate information available about the driver of the vehicle. 

Unfortunately, this tragic accident highlights the dangers that pedestrians face every day in this country. 

Meanwhile, an investigation to determine the cause of the collision is ongoing. 

How to Avoid Pedestrian Accidents    


When you are a driver, there are things that you can do to help avoid a pedestrian accident.   

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:    

1. Drive Slower in Pedestrian Areas    

Driving slower when you see pedestrians can give you extra time to react. Often, pedestrians can be unpredictable.   

It is important to remember that even a fraction of a second can make a dramatic difference when it comes to preventing a pedestrian accident.   

Taking it slow gives you extra time to spot and respond to pedestrians.    

2. Patience Is a Virtue    

Some senior citizens may need just a little extra time to cross the street.   

What is more, they also may have difficulty seeing you.   

Additionally, a person who is blind may also require a little extra time and care.     

If you drive an electric car or hybrid, it might be hard for a blind person to hear your vehicle.   

Therefore, leaving a little extra distance and time can be beneficial to those who have unusual circumstances to stay safer on the roads.    

3. Eye Contact is Important    

Pedestrians would like you to have seen them before they start crossing the street.   

Subsequently, looking to make eye contact with pedestrians could be a way to help everyone communicate with each other about who is going where on the roads.   

Eye contact can help you all have clear hopes and avoid confusion that can lead to tragedy.    

4. Pay Attention to School Bus Rules and School Crossing Signs    

There are certain rules for drivers who are driving near school buses or in school zones.   

Furthermore, children do not always think to look both ways before entering a busy street.    

When a school guard gives you a command, make sure you follow it.   

Similarly, school buses can be difficult to see around, and you should never take the chance to ignore a school bus stop sign.    

5. Do not Make Assumptions    

If the vehicle before you stop suddenly, it can be tempting to try and quickly drive around them.   

That is a mistake because there could be a pedestrian in front of the first car.     

You should leave enough distance to be able to stop when the car in front of you stops.   

Trying to dart around traffic can lead to disaster.    

6. Weather Can Make a Difference    

You cannot always stay home when the weather turns bad.   

Also, pedestrians may not always stay home either.     

Make sure to allow added time and follow-through distance in unfavorable weather conditions.   

Moreover, giving yourself added time to stop can be what you need to make sure that you can adapt if your car acts in unpredictable ways due to the weather.    

7. D.U.I    

Drinking and driving, or using drugs reduces your response time.   

Not only that, pedestrians do not know whether drivers are under the influence or not.    

When you drive under the influence, you put yourself at risk and endanger pedestrians and other drivers around you.   

Thus, making sure you drive sober is not only what is safe, but also what the law requires.   

Injuring a pedestrian while drunk driving results in serious penalties, including the real possibility of considerable time in prison.    


Pedestrians may also take added steps to avoid an accident. Here are a couple of tips to consider.   

1. Stick to Designated Crossing Areas    

The California Department of Transportation puts a lot of work into planning safe roads for both drivers and pedestrians.   

When you walk, your best bet is stick to appointed pedestrian crossing areas.   

Additionally, these areas have traffic control devices to cross safely.   

2. Drivers Will Not Always See You    

Sadly, drivers do not always pay attention the way they should. Moreover, some of them may even be under the influence.   

Your best bet is to make sure traffic stops before you cross a crossroads even when you have the right way.    

3. Pay Attention to Stopped Vehicles    

The car in front of you could see you and stop.   

Meanwhile, the car behind that should stop, too, they might try to drive around the first car quickly.     

Beware of this possibility and look for any other vehicles as you continue through a crosswalk.   

Even if you are moving around parked cars, it is worth the extra look to make sure there are not any other cars around you.    

4. If You Must Stop, Move Your Car Far Away on a Street    

Some of the most severe pedestrian accidents happen when drivers stop their cars on the side of a highway.   

That is because, other drivers continue to travel at a high speed, and they may not always pay attention to what is on the road.     

If you need to stop your car on the side of the road, make sure to leave as much space as possible between you and the road.   

Do not stand right by the road.   

Also, leaving added space between you and the street may give you and drivers the critical time necessary to avoid an accident. 

To the family and friends of Franklin Forch Jr., we at Salkow Law firm cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

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