Elizabeth Chick Dies in Collision

woman dies in collision accident

[Shasta County, CA] – Elizabeth Chick Lost Her Life in Multi-Vehicle Crash on Highway 299 

Elizabeth Chick Found Dead After Bales of Hay Hit Her Vehicle in Shasta County 

November 14, 2020 – Elizabeth Chick, age 52, passed away on Tuesday morning around 10 A.M. Moreover, she died in a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 299. 
First, a semi-truck carrying 1,200-pound hay bales was traveling around a curve. Then suddenly, six of the bales shifted around and fell off the truck. 
As a result, the hay crushed down onto a Honda Civic, which was driven by Ms. Chick. Sadly, this caused her to lurch into oncoming traffic: Thus, she crashed into another vehicle. 
Emergency workers arrived at the scene. However, it was too late for Ms. Chick who had passed away due to her injuries. 

Likewise, there were two other cars that also crashed into the hay bales. Luckily, those occupants only suffered minor injuries. 
According to The Shasta County Sheriffs Coroners Dept., an autopsy is currently scheduled. Also, her next of kin was notified. 

Different Types of Collisions  

Car accidents can happen for many varied reasons.  

There are several dynamics that could influence a vehicle collision.  

For example:    

·      damaged roads   

·      speeding drivers   

·      objects   

·      pedestrians   

·      and traffic   

Here are a few examples of the diverse types of auto collisions.  

Multi-Vehicle Collisions  

This type of collision often involves many different vehicles.  

What is more, this type of collision primarily occurs on a freeway.  

This type of collision will often yield many fatalities.  

Furthermore, with so many vehicles tightly enclosed together, it can be difficult for rescuers to help.  

Additionally, drivers are often hit from the side in these types of collisions.  

Single Car Collisions  

A single car collision involves only 1 car.  

Still, while the vehicle may crash into a pole, tree, or building, innocent people can be at risk of getting hurt.  

This type of collision can lead to property damages.  

Also, there is a good risk of potentially life-threatening injuries.  

Rear-End Collisions  

A rear-end collision happens when a vehicle crashes into another vehicle that is in front of it.  

Subsequently, the collision may be caused due to sudden slowing of the vehicle in front of you.  

Additionally, the vehicle in the back accelerating faster than the vehicle in front of it is another example.  

A common injury related to rear end collisions, is whiplash 

As a result, the driver of the vehicle that rear ends the other vehicle is typically held responsible for the collision.  

However, there are exceptions.  

Sideswipe Collisions  

These types of accidents happen when two parallel cars contact each other.  

Also, the amount of damage can depend on the speed and direction of the vehicles.  

Although, the damage may be minimal, this type of accident can cause one of the drivers to lose control of their vehicles.  

Unfortunately, people can get injured from this type of collision as well.  

Head-On Collisions  

A Head-on collision is when two vehicles hit each other with their front ends.  

Also, hood to hood is one of the most intense types of auto collisions.  

Additionally, the result is quite often deadly for at least one of the drivers.  

Side Impact Collisions  

A side impact collision happens when the front of a vehicle smashes into the side of another vehicle.  

These types of collisions have the potential to have fatal outcomes.  

Furthermore, a common term for this type of collision is called a “T-bone.”  

Due to, the shape of the vehicles forming a letter T. 

To the family and friends of Elizabeth Chick, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

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