Edward Casciegna Killed in Accident

Edward Casciegna Killed in Accident

[Bakersfield, CA] – Edward Casciegna Killed in Big Rig Accident on Highway 58 near Claymine Road 

Edward Casciegna Dies in Bakersfield Semi-Truck Collision on Highway 58 

Friday, January 22, 2021 – Edward Casciegna, age 50, was killed on Friday night at around 11:00 P.M. Moreover, the man from Bakersfield was killed in a big-rig accident that happened on Highway 58. 
Furthermore, the deadly semi-truck collision happened just west of Claymine Road, near North Edwards. 
Allegedly, Mr. Casciegna’s car collided into a big-rig. Then, his vehicle rolled over due to the collision. 
Afterward, paramedics arrived at the scene and found him unconscious. 
Later, the coroner’s office revealed that Mr. Casciegna’s injuries were too severe. As a result, he perished a short time later.  
However, there is no other information about the deadly incident available yet. 

Involved in an Accident with A Big Rig?   

One of the first things you need to do is to talk to a personal injury lawyer. They are experts at battling the insurance company and looking out for your best interests.   

Accidents of this kind can result in mountains of medical bills and a lifetime need for medical attention. This is overwhelming, and victims are often tempted to accept exceptionally low settlement offers from insurers.  


Of course, insurers try to close the case quickly, saving time and money.   

In most cases, 75% of people killed or critically injured are passengers in cars, vans, and small trucks. So, this is no surprise given the size and weight of a large rig.   

Besides the danger of a truck driver’s own negligence, the vehicle itself can pose a danger to other drivers. Sometimes, trucks are loaded incorrectly or are not inspected before the driver starts his run. Also, mechanical failures while a truck is in service can lead to loss of control over the 40-ton vehicle.   

Insurance companies standing for these big–truck owners will always look out for the companies’ best interests, and not yours. Therefore, it is important to not accept the first offer. In addition, a personal injury lawyer will know how to handle the insurance business.   

With interstate roads under constant construction and maintenance it becomes an even greater challenge to share the roads with these humongous trucks.   

So, it only makes sense that with more of them on the road with us, driving is getting more dangerous. As a result, accidents involving commercial trucks, such as 18-wheelers, are far more deadly than accidents involving cars.   

Why So Many Accidents?

Trucks are involved in about 11% of all traffic accidents. Over the years, increased regulation and tougher requirements in the trucking industry have been credited with playing a significant role in reducing the number and severity of truck crashes.    

By 2009, the death toll was less than half what it had been 30 years earlier. However, factors appear to have played a role in the next increase in fatal crashes, including more trucks on the road, driving millions more miles each year.   

The driving habits of those operating cars also play a role in many truck accidents.    

Trucks of all kinds should be approached with care in any traffic situation, whether a van in your neighborhood or an 18-wheeler on the highway.  

Too often, drivers do not allow for fundamental differences in the way trucks work, from brakes to general maneuverability.    

Moreover, they lurk in the “no-see zones” the areas beside or behind a truck where the driver has little or no visibility.  

In addition, they change lanes sharply in front of the truck or misjudge an oncoming truck’s speed when turning left at an intersection, and so forth.   

Moreover, things such as driver fatigue, and irresponsible driving to gain distance, or even unsafe equipment can turn an 18-wheeler into an accident waiting to happen.   

Issues of Liability in A Big-Rig Accident 

There are a lot of federal regulations that spell out the requirements for using large trucks safely as well as protecting the public.  

For example, there are hours-of-service regulations that show how many hours a single driver can work an oversize truck within a day.  

However, driver fatigue, substance abuse and claims where some companies are encouraging drivers to ignore hourly limits still are regular problems.   

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, the trucking company may also have allegations of carelessness.  

Such as questions about its training and hiring procedures, how it supports and services its equipment, or compliance with other regulations.   

If you have suffered injuries in a car-truck crash, then you will need an experienced truck crash law firm that knows how to handle and contest such cases.   

Do not make the mistake of assuming that the trucking company and their insurers will treat you fairly if you do not have a strong advocate on your side.  

A lawyer who specializes in truck accidents will know how to analyze the facts and find the issues that should be pursued in court if a lawsuit is necessary.  

To the family and friends of Edward Casciegna, we at Salkow Law firm cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

Salkow Law are true advocates that will work with you directly to achieve justice. Insurance companies want to pay as little compensation as they can. They will even try to make your case go away completely. We will fight for you so that does not happen.

Unlike, the law firms you see plastered on billboards and buses, at Salkow Law you will receive a level of personal service long forgotten at the ‘big’ firms. With us you will not be a faceless, nameless case file. We’ll answer any questions you have and make sure you have a full understanding of how the process works.

This is especially true for families that have lost a loved one in an accident. We won’t stop until we’ve gotten you fair compensation to alleviate the financial toll that unexpected devastation brings. 

Call us for a free consultation at (310) 914 – 8484

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