Demetre Peterson Killed in Hit-and-Run

man dies in hit and run

[San Bernardino, CA] – Demetre Peterson Dies in Hit-And-Run Accident on East Third Street  

Demetre Peterson Passes Away Due to Pedestrian Accident in San Bernardino 

November 12, 2020 – Demetre Peterson, age 41, was killed early Tuesday morning at around 3:47 A.M. Moreover, he died in an hit-and-run accident on East Third Street. 
Initially, a witness notified the police about a man covered in blood. Furthermore, he was found lying near Third Street. 
Additionally, according to the San Bernardino Police the accident occurred at North Waterman Avenue. Located, between Allen Street and Lugo Avenue. 

Also, emergency responders reported that Mr. Peterson was walking in a low-lit area at the time of the incident. 
Unfortunately, the vehicle that struck the victim did not stay around and fled the scene. 
Afterward, a San Bernardino press release identified the deceased as Rialto resident, Demetre Peterson. 


A hit and run accident are when the person responsible flees from the scene of the crash. Sadly, some people have been known to flee even though it was only a fender bender.  

Also, a person could experience fines, criminal charges, license cancellation, or even jail time. Although, this all depends on what state you live in. 

Since the penalties can be severe, they are often the reason that a driver may choose to flee. Here is a look at a few penalty examples:  

  • The most obvious reason is they lack auto insurance coverage. 
  • They know that they have just broken the law and are afraid.  
  • They have been using drugs or alcohol. 
  • The vehicle they are driving is stolen. 

Rest assured that being involved in a car accident is more than enough to ruin anyone’s day. However, the experience can be especially disorienting if you are involved in a hit-and-run. 

Hit and run accidents can happen so quickly. Furthermore, you might just barely realize that your vehicle’s been hit before you get out to see that the other car is driving off into the distance. 


If police could find the guilty party, then your insurance company may help pay for the damages. Still, many hit-and-run drivers are never found. Meaning, their liability coverage is not an option.  

If you are involved in a hit-and-run, then there is a good chance that you will have to file a claim with your insurance company. Also, your insurance policy will decide whether you get coverage or not the accident is covered.  

It is especially important to make sure you have the protection you need.  

These are coverage options that can help guarantee you are protected:  

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist property damage:   

This kind of coverage will pay to repair or replace your vehicle if you are hit by someone that has limited or no insurance coverage. Meaning, it could also cover unidentified drivers involved in a hit-and-run accident.  

In states like North Carolina and West Virginia, it is not obligatory to have uninsured motorist or property damage coverage. However, talk to an insurance agent about how things work where you live.  

There are states where coverage is not even available. Still, optional collision coverage can cover damage caused by a hit-and-run driver.  

  • Collision coverage:   

Collision coverage will help you with covering the cost of repairing or replacing your car if you have been in a collision. Also, this type of coverage will include a hit-and-run accident.  

Moreover, when you use this kind of coverage, most drivers will pay a deductible. Additionally, this is a “fixed amount” specified in the wording your policy.  

  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist bodily injury protection:  

This is a lot like property damage coverage. Due to, this type of coverage can help to pay for injuries that you and your passengers get.  

Further, if you are hit by someone with limited or no insurance. Also known as a hit-and-run, if identified, drivers can end up paying for medical costs, lost income as well as pain and suffering.  

This kind of coverage is mandatory. Subsequently, it is not always the same in some states.  

Still, there are states like New York who are considered “no-fault states.” This means that drivers who are involved in an accident can file a claim with their insurance company no matter who is at fault.  

Consequently, no matter what state you live in, you should at least have uninsured and underinsured coverage.  


No matter what, a car accident can change your entire day, week, or month. So, handling the claims process by yourself without having every piece of the puzzle will make those days and weeks seem a whole lot longer.  

Finally, comparison shop to find the best insurer that will fit your specific needs. This will give you what you need to get back to driving again.  

To the family and friends of Demetre Peterson, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you. 

Salkow Law are true advocates that will work with you directly to achieve justice. Insurance companies want to pay as little compensation as they can. They will even try to make your case go away completely. We will fight for you so that does not happen.

Unlike, the law firms you see plastered on billboards and buses, at Salkow Law you will receive a level of personal service long forgotten at the ‘big’ firms. With us you will not be a faceless, nameless case file. We’ll answer any questions you have and make sure you have a full understanding of how the process works.

This is especially true for families that have lost a loved one in an accident. We won’t stop until we’ve gotten you fair compensation to alleviate the financial toll that unexpected devastation brings. 

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