Christopher Crimmins Killed In Motorcycle-Tractor Crash

Motorcycle accident takes the life of Christopher Crimmins

[San Luis Obispo, CA] – Christopher Crimmins Killed in Motorcycle-Tractor Collision

San Luis Obispo Motorcycle-Tractor Crash Kills Christopher James Crimmins

San Luis Obispo, CA (September 19, 2020) – On Friday, a crash happened on Orcutt Road. As a result, 48-year-old Christopher Crimmins from Arroyo Grande died in a motorcycle-tractor crash.

The California Highway Patrol released a preliminary report. It stated that the victim was riding northbound on Orcutt Road at an unknown speed.  

Later on, he pulled into the southbound lane in a legal passing area. The tragic accident happened after 1 p.m. north of Tiffany Ranch Road.  

Simultaneously, the tractor in front of him turned left into a private driveway.

As a result, Christopher Crimmins crashed into the back of the tractor. Additionally, officers said the tractor was traveling under 15 mph.

Ultimately, Christopher Crimmins was thrown to the ground and died at the scene.

 What Percentage Of Motorcycle Accidents Happen In The US?

There is no mistake that motorcycles are unique. Moreover, they can also face unique dangers on the road.  Also, people who ride motorcycles will till you that it is an exhilarating experience.

Several accidents include motorcycles colliding with other vehicles. Furthermore, this makes up for 56% of motorcycle accident deaths.

Subsequently, only 78% of these accidents are where the car strikes the motorcycle from the front. Additionally, the other 5% is made up from cars that strike motorcycles from the rear.

Just about two-thirds of single-vehicle motorcycle crashes are caused by the rider’s error.  Sadly, head-on collisions between a motorcycle and a car are usually fatal to the motorcyclist.

Most of these accidents happen due to driving errors.  These can include, over breaking or even negotiating a curve at high speed.

To the family and friends of Christopher Crimmins, we cannot begin to imagine what you are going through, and our sincerest condolences go out to you.

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