Da Vinci Class Action Lawsuit

The Da Vinci Robot is Not as Friendly as it Appears

Dangerous: The Da Vinci Robot is Responsible for Various Problems in Surgery

Anyone who has ever had a surgery completed with the Da Vinci Robot surgical system may have been exposed to inexperience and a machine that wasn’t properly maintained. If your surgery didn’t go as planned, you may be entitled to legal representation.

Burns, tears, and even death. The Da Vinci surgical system was supposed to be cutting edge technology, however there are many patients who would disagree. There are now lawsuits occurring all over the country because of the damage that this technology has caused.

It would seem futuristic – a robot that is able to help doctors perform surgery. The Da Vinci surgical system is available in thousands of hospitals in the country. Marketed by Intuitive Surgical, it allows surgeons a greater range of movement for minimally invasive procedures. There are hand and foot controls that allow a doctor to perform surgery with the help of robotic arms.

The system itself costs over a million dollars. Additionally, there are maintenance expenses that can cost over $100,000 a year. With hospitals struggling with budgets, the machines may not always be maintained as properly as they should.

Doctors aren’t always getting the training they need on the machines, either. It has been suggested that a doctor needs to perform about 200 operations with the machine before fully understanding how all of the co

ntrols work and to be completely comfortable with the system. This is not occurring, however. The amount of training for surgeons is not readily available, which means many doctors are using the system with inadequate training.

Due to lack of maintenance and a lack of training, patients are experiencing significant problems. This includes surgical burns, tears to vital organs, bowel injuries, excessive bleeding and in some cases, death.

The Da Vinci robots were supposed to be this cutting edge technology to change the face of medicine. This is hardly what it has done, however.

With the help of an experienced lawyer, you may be able to bring justice to what has happened to you or a loved one. When you speak up against what has happened, you may be able to protect others who are planning to have a surgery with the aid of a Da Vinci robot. Without holding hospitals and the Da Vinci surgical system accountable, the training and the maintenance will continue to be problematic.

Someone has to be held accountable for what has happened. This is why Da Vinci Robot lawsuits are taking place around the country. An investigation can be opened up to determine what happened with your surgery. It may have been due to lack of training with the surgeon, poor maintenance issues within the hospital or a problem with the surgical system itself.

You deserve the best. There may be financial compensation available to you to help with your medical costs as well as your pain and suffering because of your surgery with the Da Vinci system.

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