Lupron Lawsuits

Many people who are suffering from endometriosis, certain forms of cancer, fibroids and other medical issues have been administered Lupron, which is an injectable protein that helps to lessen symptoms caused by these health issues. The drug was firs

t established in 1985 by Abbott Pharmaceuticals, where it was used to treat those with prostate cancer.

Now, Lupron is given for a number of other cancers along with other issues. The problem is that it causes a number of side effects that people are not warned about prior to being given the injection. As a result of these side effects, many Lupron lawsuits have taken place where people have demanded that the medical providers and pharmaceutical companies be forced to take action against the drug.

In the warnings for the injectable, it warns that it can cause headaches, pain in the site and several other symptoms. What it doesn’t account for is the full list of issues that a person can potentially see after getting the injection.

Lupron is most commonly used to treat women with endometriosis, a condition that millions of American women have been diagnosed with. This injection promotes a menopausal effect that will shrink lesions due to the estrogen being stunted. It does not prevent a person from having children later because the injections can be stopped when one wishes to try for kids.

The use of Lupron can lead to:

– Blurred vision

– Memory problems

– Headaches and migraines

– Chest pain including cardiac arrhythmias

– Birth defects

– And much more

Symptoms of the drug include:

– Pain in the leg or groin

– Hot flashes

– Vomiting or upset stomach

– Loss of appetite

– Problems breathing

– Various other symptoms

The various side effects can wreak havoc on a person’s body. Many people have chosen to discontinue Lupron because it was causing them more pain than the actual health problem. Many class action lawsuits have come about because people were experiencing significant weight loss, fatigue and a general inability to lead the life that they were accustomed to living. People have had to stop working and seek additional medical treatment to deal with the side effects of Lupron; side effects that weren’t being disclosed by the pharmaceutical companies.

Lawsuits have taken place as a means for people to show the pharmaceutical companies what the drug is truly capable of. Many people have also been able to win a significant amount of money to cover their medical expenses, their inability work as well as pain and suffering that they’ve had to ensure.

Prescription drugs are offered by medical staff as a way of reducing pain from certain health conditions. They should be reducing the pain as they are meant to, not adding to it. If you or someone that you love has taken Lupron and not been happy with the side effects, you may be entitled to compensation based upon the various Lupron class action suits that are taking place all over the country.

If medical expenses are adding up because you experienced side effects from Lupron, you shouldn’t have to pay those out of your own pocket. You can contact us today and we will put you in touch with a lawyer in your area who is familiar with the Lupron lawsuits and who can review your case to determine if you are eligible for compensation. You are under no obligation to go through with the lawsuit once you get the information, however you will then have the information you need to make an educated decision about what to do.